We make water pumps for the automobile industry

At Sachin Automobiles, we have been producing water pumps for the automobile industry.

Our Water Pumps are designed with quality in mind. All product applications have been designed and tested to meet or exceed original equipment specifications. Our advanced research has implemented the use of efficient impellers, hubs, bearings, and seals that will provide optimum cooling with performance and longevity. We use the highest quality material to create a stronger body design with less corrosion.

Leak tested and hub-pull tested to our high-quality standards. Designed and manufactured with the best NEW unitized seals to ensure long, trouble-free performance. Each unit uses bearings designed as specified by the original equipment manufacturer to meet specific radial torque and axial load requirements of each application to give long bearing life.

Every Water Pump is supplied with a quality mounting gasket and other accessories (seals/gaskets) necessary to properly complete the installation. Manufactured to original casting specifications for proper fit, easy installation, and proper water flow for maximum cooling.



Our products are a collection of all the features & characteristics that contribute to its ability to meet needs and requirements.


Our products are intended to function adequately in a defined environment without failure.


Continuous improvements in our products lead us to the implementation of a new innovation over a period of time.


Constantly improving the product's performance, raising the bar for product efficiency around the world.


We develop systems and units with minimised energy consumption, high efficiency, low maintenance, and a long product life cycle.


Our quality products lead to workplace success, a strong professional reputation and a high level of work ethics and excellence make our team highly professional.


The quality of the pumps, the competence, availability, and courtesy of the employees who meet the customer’s needs, and the constant desire to offer the best service in terms of price/quality and delivery time of the pumps.


Our main desire is to meet the customers’ expectations and offer them the best support and top-level products. We aim to continuously improve every business process: from the technical and production department to the marketing and sales office.

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